December 6, 2018

Boston-based rock outfit Fire in the Field recently premiered its new video for the song “Tomahawk.” Off of FitF’s album War Bonnet, it’s a hard-driving number with its video shot in monochrome save for frontman Mike Moore’s



Oct. 10th, 2018

"Peasant Once Passed" Breakdown

I’ve received three messages from listeners recently in an odd wave of synchronicity asking about the meaning of our song “Peasant Once Passed.” 

The lyrics: 

cashing in on the labyrinth / “come and


March 18, 2018

Welcoming Brad Conant to The Drum Throne

Austin, TX - One Year Ago 

It all became real when my head pressurized and ears popped as the plane gained altitude.  Barring a crash only, we would touch down


"Endless Poetry"

NYC and What Transpired Part Three - August 18th through Sept 2nd, 2017

Liza of The Liza Colby Sound texted me.  “Dude you’re in NYC? Go check out my homie’s band Revel in Dimes at The Mercury Lounge


NYC and What Transpired Part Two - August 18th through Sept 2nd, 2017

My first Monday of my NYC trip, August 21st marked the altercation with my ex-boss which led to “Bossman,” the video some of you have seen on


"I grow delirious roses." -Funky Blood

NYC and What Transpired Part One - August 18th through Sept 2nd, 2017

In the early afternoon on Friday August 18th I pulled the trigger and hopped in my Subaru Impreza.  My plan to