March 18, 2018

Welcoming Brad Conant to The Drum Throne

Austin, TX - One Year Ago 

It all became real when my head pressurized and ears popped as the plane gained altitude.  Barring a crash only, we would touch down and the band would be on stage in a matter of hours for the first of three performances in Austin, TX for Red Gorilla Fest during SXSW 2017.   

I felt my nerves rise up as if my whole body was a funny bone.  Did we rehearse enough?  Is the new guy going to bring the heat?  The “new guy” actually being a true veteran of the Boston music scene and heavy hitting drummer, Brad Conant.  Our chemistry in rehearsal seemed to be as fiery and furious as the material demanded and still demands.  When you take it out live for a walk though, you can’t help but wonder. 

Travel-tired and bulge-eyed from the sights and smells on 6th Street released an adrenaline that Jeff, Brad, and myself channeled into our first performance at Aquarium.

My worries evaporated in the first notes as the band pummeled through the grooves and riffs with the energy that has come to define a Fire in the Field show. 

Writing this blog entry I have no interest in retelling a year old story.  The story of today is that of Brad Conant and his abilities as a drummer and musician.  To come into this band and bring thunder is no small feat.  The meat and potatoes of great musicianship aside, his giving personality and positive reinforcement to my own artistic drive is inspiring and has helped expand the music and performance to a place I couldn’t have wished to steer or expect.  We have new tunes created from improvisational jams simply from the sheer number of gigs we’ve played since March 2017.  Since then we’ve been back and forth to NYC, Portland, ME, Burlington, VT, Cape Cod, Worcester, Newmarket, NH, Providence, RI, and of course Boston, Cambridge, & Somerville.  I hope you all will come to one of our upcoming live shows to see Fire in the Field as the combination of Jeff Badolato’s steady and always tuned ear, able to dive wherever the jam goes, Brad’s performance and hollers of excitement, and my own madness over the top of the rhythm section. 

I’d like to officially welcome Brad Conant to the team. I should say - TO THE FIELD. 

Peace & Love, 


Saturday March 17th, 2018


Upcoming Shows: 

April 27th - Tender Trap - NYC with Love Howl and The Liza Colby Sound 

April 28th - Starlite - Southbridge, MA 

May 26th - Lizard Lounge - Cambridge, MA with Old Jack 

June 9th - Tender Trap - NYC