December 6, 2018

Boston-based rock outfit Fire in the Field recently premiered its new video for the song “Tomahawk.” Off of FitF’s album War Bonnet, it’s a hard-driving number with its video shot in monochrome save for frontman Mike Moore’s bold red jacket. The video and song are both rich in visual and lyrical symbolism. The theme of the song appears to deal with the “might makes right” notion that has pervaded America lately, the “tomahawk” that Moore sings about and wields in the music video. Lyrics like “Now it’s war/Knowledge lost/But the tomahawk correct you” coupled with the striking contrast of the black and white background and Moore’s bright red jacket drive home the ironic message. 

Interestingly, the hometown of Fire in the Field gets its own closeup in the music video. Boston’s Red Line, downtown alleys, The Sound Museum in Brighton, the South End, and Boston Public Library, all show up in the video, as Moore is shown avoiding or running away from the menacing gaze of the camera. Perhaps this is a reference to Boston’s role in the Revolutionary War, or as one of the first cities that settled colonists in the New World of America, steamrolling over the Native Americans’ previously established communities. Whatever the reason, the backdrop for “Tomahawk” will be familiar to those who live in New England. . . and watch out for the twist ending!

Video Here:Tomahawk!

-KellyD with Vital Visions Art

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