Fire In The Field @ Bishop's Lounge

Bishop's Lounge, Northampton, MA

Two of New England's premiere Rock bands descend on Bishop's Lounge!!! PRIA Music Marketing and The Buzz, A Honey Pot Production present a night of guitar-driven rock n' roll with CT's Balkun Brothers (2017 New England Music Awards winner for Best Band) and Boston's Fire in the Field.

Bishop's Lounge
41 Strong Ave., 3rd Floor
Northampton, MA
2/23 - 9 pm Doors - $5 - 21+

Balkun Brothers
Listen: https://balkunbrothers.bandcamp.com/
Website: www.balkunbrothers.com
After coming onto the music scene with their powerful brand of psychedelic rock n’ roll, Balkun Brothers are creating a style of music all their own in the USA and worldwide. Founding members Steve Balkun (guitar/vocals) and Nick “The Hammer” Balkun (drums/vocals) are gaining followers across the world, becoming known for their high-energy live shows. Balkun Brothers bring a fresh mixture of funk, rock, blues, and intense improvisation that has been impressing crowds from Paris to Amsterdam to New York City.

Fire in the Field
Listen: https://fireinthefield.bandcamp.com/
Website: www.fireinthefieldmusic.com
Boston’s Fire in the Field immediately makes an impression with their furious style of heavy driving rock, pushing the boundaries of rock n’ roll with energy, depth and detail. Known for dangerous improv overlaid with poetry, the music is an honest attack on the soul played with a sense of urgency and unfettered passion. The band’s signature endorphin-releasing, guitar-driven sound has a bluesman’s swagger with a punk heart. Frontman Mike Moore channels Hendrix via Prince, both musically and in showmanship, exploring the limits of the guitar with true abandon. Leaving it all on the stage, Moore pushes the envelope, exploring a melting pot of influences, from psychedelic and blues to funk and R & B.