1. Honey Cup

From the recording Look So Strange

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from Look So Strange, track released April 22, 2016
Fire in the Field Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved


the first time i saw ya
the first time i knew
cards on the table
i wanna come on through
well i know you’re shy
oh baby, I’m shy too
and each note you’re singin’
i wanna-

like a queen of gospel
you tear my guts
shoutin’ with the power
Ooo touch and bust
you must be young
but how young really
your trunk your ride
the high note healin’

oh honey cup - the rhythm if your strut
oh honey cup - Oh girl, what you got cookin’ up
oh honey cup - you’re makin’ me rush
honey oh my honey cup

I’m feelin’ exaltation
inside and out
Nashville got nothin’
on your Memphis shout
Mavis in the mornin’
Mr. Green at night
John Hurt on Sunday
your blues get it right

that midnight ramble
you were the star
shoutin’ down home gospel girl
through the back of the bar
I don’t need no jukebox
no twenty-five cent
cause you are my honey cup
and that’s the way it went