1. Eyes

From the recording The Pink Noise Session

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Album Credits:
Pink Noise Studios in Somerville, MA captured Fire in the Field's all live and raw ten track blitz of power trio rock on August 19th, 2018.

Recorded and Mixed by Tony Hamoui
a.k.a Hamstank (bit.ly/2N7pYQn)
Studio Homepage: bit.ly/2TPAL4i
Photos by James McAlice Photography
Album art design by Michael Slabon


welcome to the bottom
where you find yourself
well in time you’ll travel
yeah you might find hell
maybe you should pray for
another set of eyes
maybe then you’ll barter
with the lords the flies

gotta find the edge of my sight
get down with what you see
then you must
you must believe

dropping tricks of venom
they will spit at you
well in time you’ll go on
heaven will be hell
well we’ve got to move now
until those cows they fly
we don’t need no sunlight
with these doors these dives