1. Suzie

From the recording The Pink Noise Session

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Album Credits:
Pink Noise Studios in Somerville, MA captured Fire in the Field's all live and raw ten track blitz of power trio rock on August 19th, 2018.

Recorded and Mixed by Tony Hamoui
a.k.a Hamstank (bit.ly/2N7pYQn)
Studio Homepage: bit.ly/2TPAL4i
Photos by James McAlice Photography
Album art design by Michael Slabon


suzie comes from the depths boys
oh she never, never stops to rest
cover up your neck now, please stay awake
she’s a vampire, she’ll take you down

no suzie, your fire burns me baby
no suzie

i know just what she’s thinkin’
i better watch out cause, i’ve been doin’ some drinkin’
although i must admit i miss that touch
lord the fire, burns too much

no suzie, your fire burns me baby
no suzie,
no suzie, i’m drowning in the black
no suzie, i’m driftin’ in the black

when she sinks her teeth into you
your eyes go black, and you see nothin’ new
don’t believe your spirit when suzie comes up to say
“you’re a vampire now my boy follow me this way”