Boston’s Fire in the Field immediately makes an impression with their furious style of heavy driving rock, pushing the boundaries of rock n’ roll with energy, depth and detail.  Known for dangerous improv overlaid with poetry, the music is an honest attack on the soul played with a sense of urgency and unfettered passion.  The band’s signature endorphin-releasing, guitar-driven sound has a bluesman’s swagger with a punk heart.  Frontman Mike Moore channels Hendrix via Prince, both musically and in showmanship, exploring the limits of the guitar with true abandon.  Leaving it all on the stage, Moore pushes the envelope, exploring a melting pot of influences, from psychedelic and blues to funk and R & B. 

Based on the longtime musical partnership of Moore and bassist Jeff Badolato, Fire in the Field strikes a balance between Badolato’s minimalist style and Moore’s mad scientist approach to guitar playing.  New comer Brad Conant brings the solid pocket of Buddy Miles coupled with the frantic performance and interaction of Mitch Mitchell. The live Fire in the Field experience itself is transfixing.  Pulsing riffs form the backdrop for Moore’s charged stage presence.  Pulling dynamic improvisations out of his guitar at the edge of the stage, Moore spins surreal tales while constantly moving around and engaging with the audience.   

With Boston’s music scene under their belt, including plays at The Middle East, The Paradise, and Brighton Music Hall, the band recently made the trek to play Austin for SXSW in 2017.  Fire in the Field pushes their powerhouse sound even further with their new album, War Bonnet released October 27th, 2017.   The band has released three previous albums, including Fire in the Field (2009), Gypsy Tea Room (2014) and Look So Strange (2016).  A song from Look So Strange was recently licensed to a Discovery Channel Network show.  War Bonnet gets back to the band’s trio roots with a heart-pumping rock n’ roll sound.  Written, recorded and produced by the band, the album is a combination of new and old tunes, bringing the band full circle.  A return to form, the album plays as if in the style of their crazy 19 year old selves, but with a mature edge and more to say.  With dark themes and frenzied guitar-driven riffs, War Bonnet is Fire in the Field’s angriest album to date.  

Since the release of War Bonnet the band has gone on to tour heavily and get audiences whooped up into a frenzy at venues such as Once Ballroom (Somerville, MA), The Stone Church (Newmarket, NH), Tender Trap (Brooklyn, NYC), The Well (Brooklyn, NYC), Rockwood Music Hall (Manhattan, NYC), Radio Bean (Burlington, VT), Geno's Rock Club (Portland, ME), Ralph's Rock Diner (Worcester, MA), The Cantab Lounge (Cambridge, MA), New World Tavern (Plymouth, MA), Starlite (Southbridge, MA) among others.




Additional Accomplishments:

In September of 2017 Fire in the Field's song "Eyes" from the 2016 EP "Look So Strange" was licensed to a Discovery Channel show with a full minute placement.


Fire in the Field's latest two EP's have been on regular rotation on nearly one hundred college radio stations from Hawaii to Maine and several internet stations streaming in the UK.